Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gen-Y'ers-There Might be Hope For You (Us) Yet

On my morning surf of the internet searching for useful HR topics, I ran accross a blog that was started by 2 recent Penn State graduates. What I found was a great assessment of this new genertation that is hitting the work force. I have been boggled down in articles about Gen-Y and will no doubt be voicing my opinion and that of job seekers in the Orlando community in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime I encourage you to check out their operation and see what they have to say about us! After all I am one of them, in a very tech-savy job environment, so I fit right in to their demographic. Take a peek at Employee Evolution. Happy hunting!

-Greg Rollett

I have also posted a link to Employee Evolution for future reference in our quick links tab.


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