Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Industry Outlook for Advertising Sales Agents

Welcome to the first installment of the industry outlooks provided by the Employment Guide and the "JobSpot." Today we are going to get right into the field of advertising sales. Below is an excerpt from the featured post which can be found in its entirety here: Advertising Sales Agent Industry Outlok

Advertising sales agents—often referred to as account executives or advertising sales representatives—sell or solicit advertising, including graphic art, advertising space in publications, custom made signs, or television and radio advertising time. More than half of all advertising sales agents work in the information sector, mostly for media firms, including television and radio broadcasters, print and Internet publishers, and cable program distributors. Other agents work for firms engaged in direct mail advertising or display and outdoor advertising, such as billboards and signs. Because most revenue for magazines, newspapers, directories, and broadcasters is generated from advertising, advertising sales agents play an important role in their success. Within the advertising and related services industry, media representative firms sell advertising space or time for media owners, including print and Internet publishers, radio and television stations, and cable systems. Media representative firms maintain offices in major cities and employ their own teams of advertising sales agents. These agents work exclusively with the executives at advertising agencies, called media buyers, who purchase advertising space for their clients.

Once again for the rest of the article please visit Advertising Sales Agents Outlook from the Employment Guide and keep checking back as we showcase one industry everyday this fall leading up to our Guide to Careers publication.

For a list of Advertising Sales Positions in the Orlando community check out the EmploymentGuide.com.

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