Friday, August 10, 2007

Keys to Success at the Orlando Diversity Career Fair and Education Expo

As we head into the final weekend before our Diversity Career fair and Education Expo, I thought it would be a great idea to get all the Orlando job seekers prepared for the event. The following is a checklist to get ready for the big day! I wish for everyone to add to this list so it can even more beneficial for future job seekers at our future events. Here’s to you job seekers, happy hunting!

Polish up your resume:
If you haven’t already, get your resume up to date. Make sure you have used proper punctuation, capitalization and all the information is correct and complete (no missing phone numbers, etc).

Print 25-50 resumes:
You can always go home with a few extra but you never want to be left empty handed. The last booth you visit could be the winner and having your resume on hand is crucial to your success.

Get organized:
Put your resumes into a folder that can easily be accessed. Also be prepared to collect business cards, brochures, giveaways and more. Showing a potential employer that you are organized is a top skill that is looked for. Extra tip: You may want to bring a notepad or planner to keep track of names, companies and other information so that you can remember who you talked to. If you meet 20 companies and they all the reps names were Jen, you might be in trouble if you are not prepared.

Do research beforehand:
Find out what companies are gong to be there. You can find our list for the Diversity Career Fair and Education Expo at the Orlando Employment Guide site. Once you see who is there, find information on the types of jobs they offer or maybe a little about their business. Have pre-conversation ready for the employers; it makes stand out through all the competition.

Prepare for an on the spot interview:
Keep your answers short but informational. Be ready for the generic question like: Tell me about yourself, how do you think you can help our company, why did you leave your last job, etc. Having great answers that stand out from the crowd will set you apart from the field and will result in a higher call back ratio.

Dress for success:
Seems simple and remember that a first impression goes a long way. This job fair is considered business casual attire appropriate.

Take your time:
There are a lot of booths and even more people to talk to, but again remember that you want to stand out and not in a green and purple suit kind of way! You want a recruiter to think of you when he begins making call backs to set up formal interviews. Speed hunting will not leave a lasting impression. This isn’t to say to spend four quality hours with one employer talking about his golf game, just don’t pull a resume drive-by.

Be able to fill out applications on the spot:
Have all the necessary information on hand about previous employers, schooling history, etc. You should always aim to turn the application in on the spot.

Have a plan:
Know which jobs you are looking for and know what companies offer them. This goes back to research, but is also huge so that you don’t get lost in the maze of job seekers.

Remember all those business cards you received and the contacts you wrote down, a few days after the event is perfect for as follow up. Stay fresh in their minds, but do not go overboard. No one likes a flooded voicemail or inbox with the same old information. A friendly call or voicemail should be all it takes if they are interested.

Have a positive attitude and have fun:
Job hunting is stressful enough without the competition filling our applications next to you. Keep a great attitude and use some of these tips and you will have a successful day at the Employment Guide’s Diversity Career Fair and Education Expo!

See you on Wednesday, August 15th at the Amway Arena!

-Greg Rollett


Patrick August 10, 2007 at 1:45 PM  

Have questions ready to ask employers - you should also be interviewing the company.
(i.e. - what characteristics do your ideal candidates posses?

Can you explain potential advancement opportunities with your company?

What separates your company from your competition in the local market?


Patrick August 10, 2007 at 1:59 PM  
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Patrick August 10, 2007 at 2:38 PM  

Prepare a one minute sales pitch – This is sometimes called the “Elevator Speech” and goes along with preparing for an on the spot interview…the first thing an employer is going to ask you, is "tell me about yourself", they don’t want to know everything about you, they just want a snapshot that is representative of you. Remember they are meeting with hundreds of jobseekers in one day…if you can sell yourself in a minute, you will be able land that job that you are looking for!

Patrick August 10, 2007 at 2:40 PM  

Avoid distractions - Don't go from booth to booth with your friends. This will allow you to focus all of your attention on the company's representative and also help you stand out for your talents not because your friend is heckling you to go to another booth. This will also allow you and your friends to work the entire show.

Patrick August 10, 2007 at 2:44 PM  

Also make sure you find out what their hiring process entails - This way you ensure that as you begin to follow up, you are following up with the right people and not wasting your time.

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