Monday, August 27, 2007

Part 5 of Our Industry Outlook: Find a Job as a Chef or a Cook

Back to Monday and the start of another work week. If you find yourself looking for a new position or want to change your career, today we have an outlook in a booming industry in Orlando, FL. If you have lived in Orlando for more than a day or two, you would know that we are a hospitality hub. Being a hospitality hub creates great opportunity within that industry. Today's outlook goes in to the hospitality field of chefs and cooks. This encompasses many aspects of the kitchen as you will see below in an excerpt from the article.

Chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers prepare, season, and cook a wide range of foods—from soups, snacks, and salads to entrees, side dishes, and desserts—in a variety of restaurants and other food services establishments. Chefs and cooks create recipes and prepare meals, while food preparation workers peel and cut vegetables, trim meat, prepare poultry, and perform other duties such as keeping work areas clean and monitoring temperatures of ovens and stovetops. Larger restaurants and food services establishments tend to have varied menus and larger kitchen staffs. They often include several chefs and cooks, sometimes called assistant or line cooks, along with other lesser skilled kitchen workers, such as food preparation workers. Each chef or cook works an assigned station that is equipped with the types of stoves, grills, pans, and ingredients needed for the foods prepared at that station. Job titles often reflect the principal ingredient prepared or the type of cooking performed— vegetable cook, fry cook, or grill cook.

For the complete Outlook on Chefs and Cooks please visit The Employment Guide.

For a list of currently available cook positions jump into the Orlando Cook Jobs on the Employment Guide website!

Happy hunting Orlando, and be sure to check back tomorrow for another exciting Industry Outlook leading up to our Guide to Careers publication.


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