Friday, August 3, 2007

Thanks for the Free Advertising About Free Advertising Cheez!

Joel Cheesman, a very respected and much read recruiting blogger has recently given the Employment Guide a little "shout-out." It's nothing major to brag about, but I did want to let the job seekers and recruiters in Orlando know that we are getting our message across to those that need to see it. The Employment Guide strives on innovative and outside the box marketing to get the best candidates for hourly and non-exempt positions as well as the best employers for employees to work for.

Here is the article:

how to get free banner advertising on techcrunch

If you haven’t made yourself familiar with MyBlogLog, you should.

A Yahoo! property, it’s basically a group of bloggers and blog readers who build community around site visitations. Bloggers, for example, add code to their site that then shows off recent visitors. I have one on my sidebar, but here it is for you RSS readers out there.

Most are faces or silly avatars, but you’ll notice I’ve highlighted an image with The Employment Guide’s logo on it. Essentially this equates to a little banner ad, building some brand awareness and traffic, for nothing more than a little time and energy. Users can then click on the image and find out a little more information, checkout other blogs and bloggers and even join communities.

It’s surprising how many high-powered, high-traffic blogs have added MyBlogLog to their sites, including TechCrunch. So, if you’re a cheap-a** like me and can’t drop $10,000 for ads on TC, then here’s a poor man’s method. Granted, you probably won’t show-up long on a popular site, but with some niche blogs - well-read in small, influential circles - the impact could be significant.

In addition to getting a little free exposure, most bloggers want to know who is reading their stuff. I know I enjoy seeing who’s visiting Cheezhead. If you want to get a blogger’s attention, in hopes that they may write about you or at least find out more on your company, MyBlogLog just might be a way to do it. Bloggers can be a great spark to start the buzz, as my readers already know.

And did I mention it’s free?

Thanks again Joel, and thanks Orlando for making us your "Employment source" for the last 10 years. Happy job hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


Patrick August 3, 2007 at 12:59 PM  

That was very cool to see that National Exposure that this local blog was able to generate. It really gives validation to the idea that even the smallest voice can make a just have to be willing to be heard.

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