Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Face-To-Face Interaction and What it Means to You

It’s Job Fair time over at the Orlando Employment Guide and I sit to write something useful for the Orlando, FL job seekers I came across something interesting. Why do job and career fairs work so well? Why do these recruiters and employers take a day away from their busy office, load up a car full of goodies and head to a venue to talk to countless potential candidates?

It’s simple really. Face-to-face just works better than the phone and email. That’s the real reason. Yes, they get the big numbers at a job fair that is true, but they also get to see you, your actions, your dress, your personality, your expressions, your slang, and everything else that comes along with personal interaction.

So, as a job seeker who needs that new jobby job to pay rent this month, or to an older worker that is looking to expand on an already complete career, what do you need to do?

-You need to be prepared! I have said it before but your best friend for any job search is preparation! Research the participating companies, how they hire, what positions they may have available and how you can help their team and not the other way around. What do you bring to the table? How can you differentiate yourself from the pack (sometimes up to 2, even 3 thousand other people like you looking at the same 60-70 companies all in a 4-hour span)?

-Next is your first impression. No more basketball jerseys to job fairs please! You know where you are going at the start of the day, so dress accordingly. Have your resume polished up (September is International Update Your Resume Month btw). Also print more than 1 copy.

-Know the lingo! Please keep profanity away from the job fair. No employer is going to hire you after you air out your dirty laundry. Sorry. Just not gunna happen. Know the skills that employers are looking for you to have and know where you fit in with those strengths. It will make conversation flow. Nobody likes awkward silence, and recruiters have too much to do than to not talk to potential employees!

-Open your mouth! Don’t be afraid to talk to the employers. That is why they are there after all! Find out more information if you need to. See what a typical day is like on the job. See what their hiring process is. If you need a job tomorrow and it takes 4-6 weeks to get you on board, move on to the next group.

-Leave a lasting impression. Firm handshakes. Leaving a business card. Repeating your name, because with all the excitement going on I bet they forgot but are too embarrassed or busy to ask. Use little things to make a big lasting impression.

This isn’t just for job fairs; please take this information as you network with anyone, or on a job interview. Face-to-face interaction is still the driving force between hires. Physical interviews are still king of the hiring realm. So be ready Orlando! We will see you all again October 4th at Valencia Community College!

Happy hunting!

Send all requests and job searching questions to and we will turn it into a posting and get you a great answer that will hopefully land you with your next job opportunity!!

-Greg Rollett


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