Friday, September 21, 2007

Open Ended Friday: What do you want out of your job and how can employers give it to you?

I am assuming that you are reading this blog because you are looking for a job or a company looking to hire someone. We’re going to break this little chat into two sides: Why do I want this job, and, what can I offer to get quality candidates for this job?

It all goes back to needs and wants. Most times the job seeker only ‘wants’ the job. He needs to pay the bills and put food on the table but still doesn’t necessarily need YOUR job. More times than not, an employer ‘needs’ to fill a position. They are losing productivity, new and current clients are not getting satisfied and their bottom line is disappearing! Not good for them.

So why would a job seeker ‘want’ your job? No, really, think about it. Is it the environment, the paycheck, the hours, the staff, the potential to grow within the company or something else? I’ll go on a whim and say that for most hourly positions, it is the money. Bills are priority number one, hopefully. But what if money is NOT the only motivating factor, what does your company bring to the table? Better be more than some health insurance (you’re not the first company to offer that).

Most people entering the workforce (recent high school and college grads) are looking for more than a paycheck. They want to make an impact on your company from day 1, uno, the minute they start their computer. They want to be motivated to move up the ranks, and not 10 years from now. They want entitlement and some days off. Can your company offer this? If you can’t, what can you offer? You had better think of something before the great and quality candidates go somewhere else!

Now as a job seeker, what do you want out of your job? Be clear when you go for an interview. Let the employer know your ambitions and see how your performance can better their company. Even if you do ‘need’ the job, maybe this company doesn’t have the ‘stuff’ that you need in the long-term. If you are looking for short term answers, prepare to be another unhappy employee. Be prepared to find another quick fix when this one either gets you fired, or you quit because the concert last night was more important.

Job seekers I encourage you to express to companies what you ‘want’ out of your job. Employers get ready for potential employees to question why they want to work for you.

I hope you have a good response and I hope you come prepared for all the generations that will be walking the halls at the Orlando Employment Guide’s Job Fair on October 2nd. At this event you will be faced with all generations from current and recently graduated college students, to the job seeking public, to the older workers, thanks to our partnership with the AARP. Usually I ask the job seekers to stand out; today I am calling to the employers to come prepared.

You have never seen an event like this!! Only the Employment Guide can give it to you too!

Have a great weekend Orlando and happy hunting!

-Greg Rollett


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