Friday, September 7, 2007

Sales Representatives are the Most In Demand Job in the World According to a Manpower Research Study

Are you a sales rep that is looking for work? If you are, there is a good chance that someone is looking to hone in on your skills. If you are not looking to get into the sales field and be a sales representative, there is still plenty of opportunity out there for you. With unemployment at a low of around 3%, companies large and small are looking for people that have the ability to achieve greatness within their office.

The Orlando, Florida market is a hospitality hot bed, but there is more than Mickey, Minnie and the hotel business. Not all of these jobs are for the highly educated. Every skill level is found in the following top10. From skilled trades and laborers to Technicians and Engineering, opportunity is a plenty. The path you take to get there is another story.

The Orlando Employment Guide is proud to give you an eye opening opportunity at a number of different events, sites and publications. Every week you can pick up a new issue of our Employment Guide publication and see the best employers in the Central Florida area. We update our website daily with the best and newest job openings as we receive them. Our blog has become a great resource for everything to do with finding a job from resume tips to job fair advice and industry outlooks. We have amazing job and career fair events (next one is October 4th, read Wednesday’s posting) that showcase these employers and allow you to meet and see them in an engaging environment. It is up to you, the job seeker, to ultimately take the step to advance, start or refuel your career! We hope you find the below chart useful in your search and we wish the best of luck as you seek out your next opportunity to better your career and ultimately your life!

The top 10 jobs that employers are having difficulty filling across the United States are (ranked in order):

1. Sales Representatives
2. Teachers
3. Mechanics
4. Technicians
5. Management
6. Truck Drivers - Freight
7. Drivers - Delivery
8. Accountants
9. Laborers
10. Machine Operators

Taken from The Manpower Research Center

Manpower Inc. surveyed nearly 37,000 employers across 27 countries and territories in late January to determine the extent to which talent shortages are impacting today’s labor markets. The survey results revealed that 41 percent of employers worldwide are having difficulty filling positions due to the lack of suitable talent available in their markets, which is 1 percentage point stronger compared to last year’s survey.

-Greg Rollett


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