Thursday, September 13, 2007

Video Resumes On the Comeback? Or Have they Never Left. InterviewStream Lives for the VidRes.

With all the talk throughout job boards, blogs and news media stating that video resumes are great in theory but won’t cut it in the recruiting world, there is a new hope for this emerging media. InterviewStream is a forward thinking company that is taking web cam interviews and making them easier and more legit than ever.

InterviewStream is the parent company for a great selection of Interview tools and accessories. First up is Video SnapShot. Hear what they have to say about it:

Our Intent: employ the latest technology to give you an edge in finding the right job.

Interviewing can be difficult and stressed-filled. Practice helps, so practice then create your Video Snapshot. Our approach is proven, because we use the same technology platform that our sister brand, InterviewStream, uses to power practice interviews at 30 of the top 50 MBA schools.

Up next is Interview Stream Campus whose mission is to allow students to see and hear themselves online through an interview system controlled by the campus career center. They also aim to help students reduce their use of filler words: "Umm", "Like", "I mean", and "You know."

The third product in the umbrella is InterviewMatch which is the latest addition to a family of firms that provides interview technology to hundreds of universities, MBA Programs, job boards, & employers around the globe including 9 of the top 10 global MBA Programs and the #1 entry level job site, This service allows WIBs and one-stop centers to leverage the leading interview technology on the market to prepare their job seeker clients for interviews while connecting them to employers via webcam recorded job interviews.

Lastly we have InterviewScreen which is geared towards employers. This service allows employers to review candidate responses to recorded employer-driven interview questions online while getting a richer understanding of a candidate’s communication style, poise, and a sense of their presence--aspects that can't be conveyed in a resume. The questions, length, and access are all controlled by the Employer.

It looks like this company has a bright future ahead of itself. The co-founders have been named to Inc. Magazine's 30 under 30 list of America's Coolest Entrepreneurs.

I guess the Video Star isn’t dead yet for job seekers looking to stand in their industry.

Happy hunting Orlando and I hope you take these tips to heart as we prepare for another great ride at our Summer’s Over and Older Worker Job Fair October 4th.


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