Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Orlando Employment Guide and Emurse

We are spreading and growing here at the Orlando Employment Guide and the Orlando JobSpot. It has been a great few weeks with some good traffic, feedback and the sense that we are helping quality job seekers find and match with great employers in the Central Florida area. We are hoping to continue to bring you the best information, tips, companies, interviews and everything else that you guys want to hear about. In this quest I have expanded to drop a weekly post over on Alex and the guys at Emurse have a great thing going on over there and have been kind enough to open their doors to me to talk to their audience.

My first post answers the most important interview question: So, Tell me about yourself!

If you are needing some resume help, Emurse is a great resource and tool that allows you to plug into a resume template and store your resume online, a la social networking style with your own page ( The greatest power lies in the ability to export, print or email your resume in up to 8 different formats. This is great for those employers that want to see your resume in a file extension other than MS Word.

Thank you again to Emurse and thank you to the Orlando job seekers that continue to reach out, ask questions and want to get involved head first in their job search!

See you tomorrow Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


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