Monday, October 1, 2007

Greg Reviews and Talks With InterviewUp Part 1

I stumbled upon InterviewUp while reading morning Mashable notes late last week. I thought the site was interesting and so I shot the guys an e-mail. To my surprise, the co-founders, Jake Lackey & Dipesh Gandhi, wrote back almost instantly and granted me access to a full on interview.

Before I jump into the interview, the Employment Guide was granted 100 free invites that are not open to the public. If you would like to try their services, please use the below link:

Signing up for the site with one of the invites is very easy. Enter a desired username and password and a valid e-mail address and you are in. Once inside you will notice the site’s simplicity. The top bar is nothing more than an empty header and your main options are aligned to the top right side of the page, which is an interesting choice. One great feature that will become more popular as the site gains more users is the search bar. Located right in the center of the page, they make it easy for you to find the question that you need answered.

The site seems a bit amateurish with the Google Adsense and Amazon picks found throughout the pages. I understand the importance of monetization, but this is not done too tastefully inside of InterviewUp’s homepage and throughout the site.

Using the ASK tab, you can easily ask a question that you would like answered by members of the community.

I believe the site has great possibilities if the right community gets behind it and supports not only the asking, but the answering of the questions as well. InterviewUp has the potential to be a leader for job seekers and even employers who are looking to take their interviewing skills to the next level. Congrats guys and we will be looking forward to the full launch soon, hopefully with any kinks and cheesy advertising worked out.

Here’s a quick look at our conversation:

Greg: Please give me your elevator pitch:

InterviewUp: InterviewUp, a Web 2.0 startup, is the absolute best website on the Internet where one can find, share, ask, answer and read job interview questions and answers. InterviewUp offers wiki style editing of questions and answers and provides features such as commenting, tagging, popularity ranking ('UP It'), and printer friendly formatting of questions and answers for role-playing interviewing practice. Whatever the career path is, InterviewUp has the interview questions and answers for interview success.

Greg: What are you doing to market the InterviewUp site to job seekers? Is there a specific job seeking demographic that you are trying to target?

InterviewUp: For marketing, we are targeting bloggers who write about careers and new Web 2.0 websites. We have had an overwhelming positive response from all circles. We have developed InterviewUp with strong emphasis on SEO (search engine optimization) to further help us in marketing. Regarding career path, we want everybody to benefit from our website. So, we will be laying equal emphasis in promoting all career paths.

For the rest of the interview please head on over to our sister site in Tampa. Thanks again to InterviewUp for providing us with 100 free invites into their site.

Check it out and let us know what you think so we can help them make InterviewUp the premiere interview site online!!

-Greg Rollett

P.S. Remember to read Part 2 at the Tampa JobSpot!


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