Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holiday Season is Approaching – 7 Ways To Cash in on a Seasonal Job

People like to shop during the holidays. Oh, but you knew that right? You also know then that retail stores stock up on employees to prepare themselves for the rush, extra hours and extra revenue. Some retail chains do over half of their business for the whole year from November through the New Year. So who is hiring, and how do I cash in?

1. Local malls are not a bad place to start.

2. Larger retail chains in shopping plazas are good as well.

3. Don’t forget the theme parks.

4. We live in a hot bed for holiday traveling and tourism so be sure not to overlook the hospitality industry including restaurants and hotels.

5. Temp Agencies can be a great source as people are going in and out of town and work still needs to get done.

6. Delivery jobs. Think mass packages that need to get delivered to the door. You don’t want your presents to show up to your door late.

7. OTR Drivers. If you have your CDL license and want to clear off some dust, jump on over to Careers In Gear to jump on a number of great opportunities.

A great place to start for all of these positions is the Search Bar on the top left corner of this page. Just type in a keyword, such as retail or drivers and you will see a great number of jobs and opportunities courtesy of the Employment Guide that need people like you to come in today to get the experience and on the job training to be ready for the post Turkey Day rush.

What is even better is that if you put in the time and over perform, a full time or post-holidays position can be offered to you. Remember to be on top of your game, supply great customer service and sales ability where applicable.

Happy hunting Orlando and get ready for a stellar holiday season.

Greg Rollett


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