Friday, October 26, 2007

Orlando Virtual Job and Education Fair Update

Everything is in place, the stars are aligned and the jobs are open. Now all we need is for you to see them!

The Orlando Employment Guide is ready to roll out what will be a ground shaking and wallet fattening event starting Monday, October 29th. (The wallet fattening will be yours of course as you stroll through the HR department to get your first paycheck from your new job!)

Our Virtual Job Fair is locked and loaded and ready to go. To find out how to get involved, please check out the Virtual Job Fair Information Center.

To get everyone ready and to get your weekend research on, here is a list of all the participating companies:

Universal Orlando Resorts
Celebrity Resorts
Bright Future Electric
Infinite Horizons World Travel
Celebrity Nissan
New Horizons
Superior Hospitality
Tempus Resorts
Grosvenor Building Services
Florida Medical Training
Embassy Suites
Corporate Transit of America
Americall Group
El Monte RV
Everglades University
Valet Waste
Age Advantage
Tutor Time
Merita Brands
E TourAndTravel
Covenant Transportation
Tug Technologies


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