Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What to do After the Employment Guide Job Fair!

This Thursday, October 4th marks the 2nd Job Fair I have been a part of for the Employment Guide. This is a very special one as we have partnered with the AARP, the Department of Labor and local non-profit Rock For Hunger to bring you a truly great event (you can even win $10,000 from the Employment Guide). I have put much effort in telling you what to before in order to prepare and also tips to improve your time spent at the event. Today I wanted to briefly get into what to do after the career fair!

At the job fair a great question to ask to assist in your post job fair work is to see what a company’s hiring process is like. See how long it takes to bring you on board, how long is training, and when should you expect a call back? Ask for contact information. Get a business card.

All the above information can then be assembled into preparing a follow-up attack! You want your follow up to compliment your time spent with the recruiter at the job fair. Personalization will make you stand out in a crowd of 100+ applicants. Whether in an email, a call, or a written letter, pointing out something that sparked your live conversation will bring your face back into the recruiter’s mind.

Be courteous of the recruiter’s time. Nobody likes a stalker, so please do not overcall or email blast the recruiter. One call or email should be fine per week unless otherwise instructed.

If a potential employer leaves you a voicemail, return it in a timely manner and at an appropriate time. Nine at night might be prime time for you, but I’ll bet some good George Washington’s that the recruiter is at home with his family. Also, busy or rush hours for businesses differ. Restaurants have a slower period generally from 2-4, after lunch and before the dinner rush. Utilize this time to make calls.

Standing out in a crowd of resumes is hard enough. Once you have succeeded and gotten that interview, be ready for the follow-up process and always remain positive. Good luck this Thursday at the Job Fair and throughout your entire job seeking endeavors.

-Greg Rollett


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