Friday, November 30, 2007

Employment Guide at the Life Skills Center Of Orange County

The Orlando Employment Guide was proudly representing at the inaugural Life Skills Center of Orange County's Job Fair. We were on hand handing out papers, talking about interviews and resumes and talking about the emergence of internet search and job hunting.

The Life Skills Center of Orlando is located on S. Orange Blossom Trail and is home to over 125 students from the age of 16-21. These students attend a four hour a day session where they choose to learn at their own pace in a computer based learning environment. There are instructors who specialize in general school subjects to guide the students along to finishing up credits in as little as one week! Next Thursday, December 6th will mark the Orlando campus’s first graduating class. The Life Skills Center will graduate 6 students at the City Hall from 5-8pm.
The Life Skills Center houses students from all facets of education. Some of our students come to Life Skills Center because they learn at a different pace than what is being taught in traditional public school. Some of the students learn at a faster pace and easily become bored with the material. Others learn at a slower pace and fall so far behind that it seems impossible to catch up. Many of our students are unable to attend a traditional school day because they have families that they need to support. These students are often forced to work a full-time job and end up dropping out of school because of their schedules.

Some students simply feel like they don’t fit in with the students at a traditional school; they don’t play sports, aren’t in a clique or don’t participate in extra-curricular activities. Sometimes students make bad decisions; run with the wrong crowd, get in trouble with the law or get expelled from school. Our Family Advocates and Vocational Specialist can help these students find the resources they need to get back on track with their life.

The Employment was proud to be a part of this event thanks to the employment specialist at the Life Skills center, Jamarr Akins, aka Mr. A as the students would say. Jamarr has been working hard to employ his eligible students and put this job fair together through a strong community presence, going out and personally getting the companies to participate in this free event. All of the Armed Forces were involved as well as untraditional schools, Southern Tech and Mid Florida Tech. Bank of America, Goodwill, and the Central Florida Workforce also took part in the event.

The Employment Guide is looking forward to continuing our relationship with the Life Skills Center and Jamarr who has asked us to help in additional job training for some of their students. This is going to be a monthly event where an Employment Guide specialist will give short presentations on resumes, interviewing, dressing the part, job fairs, social networks, how to search for a job and more!

On behalf of the Employment Guide here in Orlando, congratulations to the graduating class of ’07 at the Life Skills Center.

Happy hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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