Friday, November 16, 2007

IKEA Mania Has Hit Orlando

So IKEA mania has hit Orlando full stream this week. It didn’t happen overnight though. I know personally that I have been awaiting this day for quite some time now. I think it was over a year ago that I heard IKEA rumors starting to buzz.

Now that it is here, what does it mean?

Well for one, it has opened over 350 jobs for people in our community. That’s good right? This place is huge, said to be over 309,000 square feet of a home furnishing mega-center. Like Wal-Mart’s furniture section on some Barry Bonds strength steroids.

Money is sure to be circulating through the economy right? Good timing IKEA. Holiday shopping is about to be in full effect come next Friday and the price friendly IKEA is sure to be a hit with gift buyers and shoppers. Well, maybe the shopping season has already started for the city in itself store. Numbers have the Wednesday store opening at above 2,000 consumers lining up to see Buddy Dyer cut the ropes and open the floodgates. They were entertained by jugglers, trampoline performers and a local Swedish children's choir that sang a Swedish song and "Mamma Mia' by Abba. Wow, what a grand entrance into our community.

Let’s not forget the new school marketing approach to the store’s launch. If you were anywhere near downtown in the last few weeks, you saw IKEA vans patrolling the streets. What was so great about these vans is that they were see through, giving you a glimpse into one of their countless pre-fab rooms. Then there was the parking lot display, where a team of IKEA’ers took over parallel spots on Central to display dorm style rooms. Now that’s outside the box.

Kudos to IKEA for taking over our community for a few days. Heck the Magic couldn’t do it with opening day. Oh well. Hopefully a handful of our job seekers got into the IKEA madness. They are rumored to have a grand ‘ol time over there. If not, there are plenty of other great retail companies hiring for the holidays and beyond. All you have to do it plug in keywords into the search box on the top right of this page and you will get what you are looking for. If you don’t see your dream position, let me know. I’ll do my best to dig out some more great opportunities for ya.

Have a great weekend Orlando. Don’t spend too much at IKEA and get ready for a great Thanksgiving week coming up. After the break we will be in full go mode with JobSpot TV. More details to come Monday, so now would be an opportune time to sign up for our RSS Feeds either via your reader or by email. The Orlando JobSpot is making moves, not IKEA moves, but moves nonetheless.

Happy Job Hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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