Friday, November 23, 2007

New Contest! Orlando JobSpot TV

It’s official, like a referee with a whistle. In the coming weeks we will be launching our very own TV show, Orlando JobSpot TV. This will be a look into employers and job seekers to find out what’s going on in Orlando. Look for us in locations such as malls, shopping centers, schools, job fairs and more to get a first hand scoop.

If you would like to be featured for an interview, have an idea for a show or would like your company featured, please send an email to Greg [Dot] Rollett [at] Employment Guide Dot [Com].

We need a logo for Orlando JobSpot TV! This is a call to all designers, students, job seekers, well anyone actually. Design a logo for us and we will get you a copy of 'Getting From College to Career' from Lindsey Pollak. This book would be great in the hands of a college student, but the contest is open to anyone. We loved the book so much over here at the Employment Guide that we are ponying up for another copy to give to the best logo.

Here’s the details:
What-Orlando JobSpot TV logo
When-Now until Friday December 7th
Where-Um, wherever you use your computer or have your sketch pad
Size- Whatever you think would look good on a video screen, use your discretion.
How- Send submissions to

The winner will be notified via email on Friday, December 7th and will be showcased on that day’s blog spot with a full feature interview about how they got into the career that they are into, what got them there and where they want to go with their career.

Good luck. Please forward this post to anyone who would be interested in getting some local love!

Happy hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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