Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not-For-Profit Employment – Good For You, Good For the Community

Me, work for a not-for-profit? I can’t make a living off a company that doesn’t make money to pay its employees.

This is a false sense of understanding that many people think when faced with a job opportunity from a nonprofit. The reality is that over 630,000 people in Florida alone are employed or volunteer full-time for these companies. The last year on record for statistics shows that nonprofit organizations in the state of Florida brought in $48 billion in revenue in 2005. Not bad for companies who thrive on donations, fund raisers and community support.

What does all of this mean to you and your job seeking efforts? It means that there is an opportunity to land a rewarding position with one of these companies. Not only will it provide a stable income, which can be equal to more beneficial to your bank account than companies that are worried about their bottom line all too much, but it will also better the community, the world or another great cause that means something to many people.

“The Florida nonprofit sector is clearly a much more significant economic force than many Floridians recognize,” noted Dr. Lester Salamon, study author and director of the Hopkins center.

Not-for-profits make up the 4th largest employment sector in Florida, ahead of agriculture and almost double that of the banking industry. These numbers are pouring in from Florida’s Nonprofit Sector: An Economic Force, a report from Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies.

The Employment Guide is committed to finding great opportunities for our communities that we serve. With this, you can click here to find opportunities from the non-profit sector that are looking to be filled by individuals just like you.

Happy hunting Orlando!


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