Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 Reasons to Blog For a Job

Blogging has been a buzz word for corporations, entrepreneurs, individuals and students for a few years now and things aren’t cooling off. With thousands of new blogs being started every week, blogging has become part of our new media culture. But how can blogging help you land the job you so desire? Here are 5 reasons and tips to begin your blogging adventures to help your career:

  1. Blogging gives you experience in a field. By writing or contributing to a blog, you are gaining experience in the field in which you are writing. You are conducting research to write your posts and if you are writing regularly, you are amassing a ton of information on a given subject.
  2. By interacting with other bloggers in your niche, you are essentially creating a network of industry players. These can become great resources to use in your job hunt and may even become references or sources of job leads. Participation is key, comment on other blogs, ask questions and show some link love.
  3. Your writing skills will increase. You need to be able to stress your thoughts through writing. With email being a major player in most jobs, being able to effectively communicate electronically will be crucial to your corporate success.
  4. Blog do not need to have words to be successful either. What if a construction worker took pictures of a building he was working on everyday. After the building is finished he has proof that he laid concrete, plastered walls, layed roofing and so on. This can work for many fields, get creative. Upload photos from your camera phone is you do not have time to load them up when you get home. There are lots of services available to help you make this process less painful. Also think about video and audio as alternatives to words.
  5. You are becoming a leader in your industry or niche. If your blog gains some steam, you will start to become an authority on the subject at hand. Readers will be coming to you for advice and asking you the questions. Employers will applaud this and think highly of your initiative.

While blogging has become more common in the mainstream culture, it is by no means your total job searching answer. Blogging is just another piece in your toolkit. Having a great resume, cover letter, attending job fairs, offline networking and developing your personal brand are all still the driving factors in a job hunt and eventual hire.

So have fun blogging and don’t be shy, ask questions in the comments here if you are shy or worried about getting started. If a 95 year old grandmother can do it successfully I know my readers in Orlando can. Please keep me informed of any blogs that you start and I will be sure to showcase them here on the Orlando JobSpot, your source for job seeking information.

Happy hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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