Wednesday, December 26, 2007

At Least You’re Not an Elf

On behalf of the Orlando Employment Guide staff, we hope you had a very merry and safe holiday weekend.

Now that Wednesday has become the new Monday (this week and next), I have found some interesting pieces to share with you today to lighten the mood for those of you working this glorious day after Christmas.

First is an article that came my way through floating emails. It tells the story of elves in the Lapland forest in Finland. These holiday workers put in 10-12 hour days to keep the joy of the season alive through tours of the thought to be home of Santa Claus. An estimated 110,000 travelers have braved through the cold to venture the paths waved by Arctic Safaris Oy, the travel company.

The elves who give the tours are brought through the Elf Academy, real name of "Tonttuakatemia" where the elves learn first aid skills and the art of the gingerbread cookie.

The biggest challenge of the job though, answering questions from curious children. Let’s have some fun with this one Orlando, as we can dream of a white Christmas, but are treated with the usual sunburn of the December winter.

I ask you to write in your questions to the elf tour guides. Use your imagination and be happy that you are not the one who gets paid to answer them.

Read the article from the Seattle Times here.

Happy hunting and happy holidays Orlando!

Greg Rollett

(p.s. 1 sure fired way to have fun and maybe get fired on the job today - make you and your co-workers and friends into elves: Elf Yourself)


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