Friday, December 7, 2007

Patience – Word of the Week

So it seems apparent that not everything happens at the speed to which we wish. Some tasks take time, even when time is of the essence. Right now I am waiting for video from the Life Skills Center Graduation to upload for Orlando JobSpot TV, and the little hour glass tells me that it will be ready to edit in just under an hour. Great, staying late on a Friday! This week we also rolled out a new computer system for our whole company. Even with all the practice and trial runs, things didn’t go as smoothly as intended. But folks, business was handled and the jobs are flowing through the office and into our papers and job board like fat guys sliding through chimneys.

How does patience affect you, as you are looking for an opportunity, right now today? The bills start piling up, the stress comes pouring in and pressure is handed down from family members to take care of business. I can say form experience that this was me a few months back as well. I was looking everywhere for anything. I had an impressive resume and thought the interview offers would be flooding my house like the Nile and Noah. They didn’t. But I had patience. I stood my grounds and found the opportunity that I was looking for. I might have been stressed to the max, but I knew deep down that taking just any job was not the correct path. Instead I found a career opportunity. If I had taken a job that I didn’t find interesting, I could still be paying the bills, but not happy and helping job seekers like you find the same path. I guess things happen for a reason.

If this holiday season has you a little flustered, stay calm and know that when opportunity knocks, you will be ready. Patience takes preparation. Have your resume ready and updated so there is no delay when the time comes. Practice your elevator pitch. Professionalize your voicemail. Keep your head on a swivel and look for jobs from every angle.

When the going got tough this week, we were prepared. Our office bonded and became a stronger team because of it. We were patient, and it paid off with a great week, great sales and great opportunities for the Central Florida job seekers.

So happy hunting Orlando! We’ll be back Monday with some great columns from the community and the revealing of the winner of the JobSpot TV logo contest!

-Greg Rollett


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