Monday, December 17, 2007

Social Networking Hits Healthcare

The Employment Guide is venturing into the depths of social networking with its recently re-launched Health Career Web. With all the craze of being able to join the conversation, it was only time before the niche job boards joined on in. Health Career Web is designed to get you into the forefront of the health career industry. The health industry is a perfect industry for us to get started in as 1.2 million new nurses will be needed by 2014.

The obvious social networking features are here, from adding information into your profile, adding pictures and slightly being able to change your page’s color and text. There is also an area for you to upload your resume or video resume.

Employers will also have the opportunity to join in on the fun and look for candidates with their won employer profile page. Employers can also showcase videos and become spotlight employers that all job seekers will see upon logging into the sight.

Jobs are not limited to nurses. The site is focused with all health career related fields such as nursing homes and assisted living, medical techs, paramedics, physical therapists and more. The site is National so look for a new health career here in Orlando or anywhere in the country. There will also be health related schools and learning opportunities on the site.

The site is currently in beta testing and has several job opportunities and discussions available for you to take a look at and poke around on. If you are feeling ambitious please create a profile and start building up your contacts. Add me if your wish, I can help answer questions on how to navigate through the site and give direction on health career related employment.

Employers, also feel free to get in touch with me about some very exciting opportunities in this growing and thriving industry. Email me at greg [dot] rollett [at] employmentguide [dot] com.

Join us today and look for me at

Happy hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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