Friday, January 25, 2008

IKEA on the Orlando Community - JobSpot TV

Orlando JobSpot TV today travels to IKEA Orlando to speak with Michael la Cour, the Store Manager and IKEA vet. We sat and talked for well over 30 minutes about the hiring process, how the Grand Opening took over Orlando, (thus being dubbed 'IKEA Mania') and how their employees make the difference to not only their bottom line but the customer's experience.

In part 1, we hear Michael talk about how the Orlando job seeking community stacks up with other markets he has been apart of.

Thanks for watching the Orlando Employment Guide's JobSpot TV.

So after hearing him speak, what do you think of his remarks? Should Orlando be thought of as a service industry? I'm curious to hear what Central Florida thinks. Please join the conversation!

-Greg Rollett


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