Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Timeshare Industry - A Talk With Hiring Managers

I recently had the chance to speak to Mel Baggs of Celebrity Resorts and Amy Brun of Hilton Grand Vacations about the current state of employment in the Timeshare Industry. They gave some great information on what to do and what not to do at interviews, the growth of an employee past entry level and how the heavy tourism activity in Orlando, FL affects their hiring patterns. Here are the highlights:

What are some advantages of working at a Timeshare Vs. a Traditional Hotel or Resort:
-Joining a Timeshare company expands a candidate’s opportunity for advancement due to the fact that not only do we offer direct resort/hotel career opportunities, but we also have a full sales and marketing driven operation providing another 40+ possible career paths. Additionally the pay scales for most sales based positions exceed the hotel norm.

What are some challenges facing recruitment in the timeshare industry?
-As an industry, we are growing so dynamically fast that the volume of staffing needs is our biggest challenge. We cannot keep up with the growth.

What are some common mistakes prospective candidates make during an interview with you?
-Appearance and Communication. Because Florida is a vacation/casual environment, people tend to not realize the importance of keeping a professional appearance in the work environment. And, communication and speech are imperative – this industry is all about interacting with people -- so clarity in speech is critical.

How does the tourism schedule here in Orlando, Fl, affect your hiring process?
-We do have a definite hiring high season/low season for most sales and direct service positions.

I would like to thank both Celebrity Resorts and Hilton Grand Vacations for taking some time out of their busy day to help us get a grip on the Timeshare industry. If this industry excites you and the possibility for a career change is strong, please visit the EmploymentGuide.com® for our Virtual Job Fair that caters towards the Timeshare Industry.

Happy Hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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