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Colonial High School Steps Up to the Plate: Interview with Gary Miramonti

Colonial High School at the Orlando Employment Guide Job FairThe Orlando Employment Guide is gearing up for our biggest event of the year taking place on April 17th, 2008 at the Amway Arena. This event of course is the ‘Getting U There Career Fair.’ The reason this event is so great and huge for us is that we have created an amazing partnership with the Orange County Public School System which ships out graduating seniors over to the arena to meet with all the great employers in Orlando and Central Florida. (Full post on the event will be coming, don’t you worry, for now head on over to the Orlando Employment Guide’s Job Fair Page)

In order to gear up for the job fair I wanted to get into the brains of the guidance counselors, career resource experts and teachers that are preparing their students for the event. The questions will generally be the same, but the answers vary as to how each school is approaching this event. We are kicking off the series with Gary Miramonti, an English Honors and FCAT prep teacher at Colonial High School. If you have any questions for Gary, please leave them in the comments and we will do our best to be sure that Gary gets back to you! Enjoy Orlando!

Greg: For students that are looking to go to secondary education following high school, what have been some things that are helping to prepare them for that step?

Gary: In my classes we write for scholarships as well as Admittance letters for College. I also have a wide range of tech schools come and talk to the kids.

Greg: With the cost of post high-school education rising are students concerned with finding part time positions?

Gary: We have a lot of discussions on how they are going to pay for college most are looking for a position where they can go to school and work at the same time.

Greg: Are the students you encounter prepared to join the workforce?

Gary: Tough question; Many are working now and they think at times the job is more important than school. It is hard to convince them at times education is the key to success

Greg: For students that are working, do you see any extra pressures or experiences that would leave you to believe that working while in high school is not an ideal solution?

Gary: Many employers work the kids late in the night. I have a boy who works at a valet service and he doesn’t get finished until 3:00 am. Then I have others that tell me how wonderful their boss is and gives them off as much time as they need to get the work done in school.

Greg: On the other side, have you seen some positives of students working? (i.e. things that have built character, taught skills, etc.)

Gary: Working is a great way to teach responsibility. It teaches confidence and what the real world is like. Many kids have been babied and given anything they want, working is a positive , it’s the employers who take advantage of the kid labor that is bad.

Greg: What are the greatest areas of interest with students at your school as far as career fields and industries?

Gary: There really isn’t one field except computers the kids are interested in. They are looking at the money and the amount of work they would have to do.

Greg: What can students do to better prepare for life after graduation?

Gary: I think the school system is lacking in this area. There is never enough time to discuss the real world.

Greg: How is partnering with the Employment Guide for a career fair beneficial to the students’ preparation for life after graduation?

Gary: I feel the quality and the quantity of employers that are present is a good thing for the students . I wish that a member of the Employment Guide would come to the schools prior to the job fair and talk to classes about the working world. At times teachers have a tendency of making education the top priority and working as a minor thing, and for kids to hear from a person other than the teacher might ring a bell.

Thanks again for your time Gary, we surely do appreciate your honesty and opinions. I’ll talk to my people to talk to your people and see if we can’t get a prep session at Colonial High School before our event kicks off!

If you have a question for Gary or our ‘Getting U There Career Fair,’ please leave them in the comments! Your opinions matter to us!

Happy hunting Orlando!

Greg Rollett


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