Thursday, April 24, 2008

How AOL and Hotmail Ruined Your Chances of Getting a Job

Email tips for job seekersWell, let's not go that far. They started the trend of having "cute" screen names and e-mail addresses but it is ultimately you that has to choose one that fits you and your personality.

The reason I'd like to bring up e-mail addresses is that employers bring it up to me when they are trying to get in touch with candidates who have applied for their jobs.

There are a few problems with a non-professional e-mail address. Let me address them here:

1. Shows un-professionalism
2. E-mails can get blocked if they have terms that are blocked by company firewalls
3. They can use them to find your information online including Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and others
4. They do not coincide with your name, so they may get lost in the HR shuffle.
5. No personal branding
When talking with a few companies at last week's Spring Diversity Job Fair, I was listening to them talk about receiving some great applicants with disastrous e-mail addresses. The downfall is that results in a no-hire for someone who is qualified for that position.

The great thing is that this is an easy problem to fix. Head on over to your favorite free email client, Yahoo, HotMail, GMail, etc and create a new email address, one that even you can remember:
One last tip of caution is to be careful when sending emails from a company email server. They can spy on your emails and see what you are sending out. I have received a few complaints from Managers and CEO's about their employees sending out emails looking for new positions.

Solution, when you're on company time and property, stay away from the job hunt.

Remember, a personally branded email address is only one tool in your job seeking arsenal. Your resume must look sharp and you need to be applying for jobs that you qualify for, both by location and by skill set.

Happy hunting Orlando!


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