Friday, April 18, 2008

Orlando Getting U There Job Fair Recap

Hey Orlando! Another Friday is upon us and for the 1,700+ job seekers and students that visited us at the Orlando Employment Guide's Getting U There Job Fair yesterday, potential is in the air. Everyone was fighting the crowds to talk to one of the 65+ employers and recruiting managers in attendance. Resumes shifted hands and applications were filled out. Handshakes were made and contact information swapped.

Over all the day was great for all parties. The students got a first hand look at how real companies recruit and view their skills and availability and the Orlando job seekers had an opportunity to make a first impression that would turn into a follow-up call or initial interview.

This event made it clear that making a first impression is essential. Have a neat and professional appearance, matched with a strong outlook and positive attitude can make all the difference. I personally witnessed students from the Life Skills Center get hired on the spot based on their initial conversations and approach with the HR professionals.

If you were at the event and have anything to say, pictures to post, rants or even complaints, we welcome your voice. It is important to us that we make the events as great as possible and that takes feedback from our local community of job seekers, employers, paper readers and website viewers. Let us know how to better serve the Orlando and Central Florida community.

The comments section is open for you to be heard!

Check out a view from the South Entrance:
Orlando Diversity Job Fair


Louisa Martinez April 21, 2008 at 5:19 AM  

This event was great! I loved the location and the employers seemed very eager to speak with you. I have been looking to change jobs for about a month now and have found it difficult to get a call back. I recently attended a few other events in the Central Florida area where the employers would give you a business card and have you check out their website. At this event, I actually got to speak with several hiring managers. I have three interviews set up and I am hoping to receive another 3 or 4 call backs to set up interviews this week. This event has given me more opportunities than I could have received in several months had I continued on my job search the same way that I was. Thanks again for a great event!

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