Monday, May 5, 2008

Are gas prices affecting the way you search for jobs?

Gas prices affecting the job huntGas isn’t cheap here in Central Florida. That might be an understatement.

A cool little site called FuelMeUp is showing the cheapest gas prices around. Within a 20-mile radius of Orlando, FL, I found the cheapest gas to be $3.49. That is not exciting for job seekers who are already on a financial crunch.

If you are one of the 5% of Central Floridians who are un-employed, you can ill afford to be driving around from business to business looking for a new job.

Are employers aware of this?

As more and more of the job hunt moves online to job boards, social networks and even different demographics start looking for employment, employers need to realize that coming in just to fill out an application, with no certainty of even an interview, is becoming out of the question.

Yet, I still see many employers using this method as the only way to apply!

With trends pointing towards more vacant jobs being advertised online, it would seem obvious that a response method would be email or an online application. This not only saves time for the job seeker but also a trip to your location.

A new Harris Interactive study shows that 33% of Americans are more likely to shop online, than drive to physical locations due to the gas spike. I imagine that the numbers of job seekers who prefer to apply online rather that in person are even higher.

To get some better numbers and to get a feel of how gas prices are affecting Orlando and Central Florida, please leave a comment to let us know about your situation.

-Greg Rollett


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