Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How To Go To College on a Shoe String

For those of you that are graduating high school in the next few weeks, you are probably more focused on twisting your tassel on your cap and graduation parties than on college finances. When the dust settles and the party settles, college and their big bills will still be there, ready to greet you at the front door of your dorm room.

Fortunately there is help!

A new book from Atlantic Publishing titled, "How to Go To College on a Shoe String," show students and parents alike some great tips on saving for and looking for ways to save during the 4-6 year life changing experience.

What's even better (and cooler I might add) is the fact that they decided to ask me for some advice on interviewing!

If you are looking for ways to beat the struggle and keep you out of debt, go check out "How to go to College on a Shoe String." The tips are very noteworthy and you will get your money back and then some, by applying even a few of the methods the book showcases.

Question of the day: For those going off to college this summer or fall, what is the biggest expense you foresee for you and your family?


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