Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is Our Government Adding to the Nursing Labor Shortage?

I tend to stay away from political views, especially those I know little about. However, this one could use some attention. While jobs in certain industries have taken a hit as of late, the nursing and health care industries have been booming with growth. So much growth, that there is a shortage of nurses not only locally in Central Florida, but countrywide!

With a growing number of immigrants attending career education centers and attempting to enter the workforce, the government is holding them back. Rather than attempt to explain it, I will point you to an article that breaks it down for you.

Visa Changes: A Shot in the Arm for Nurse Staffing - Courtesy of the ERE.

After taking a look at the article I would love to hear your thoughts on the situation, to both inform myself of the situation and to also let our community know of any issues surrounding this industry that would prove to be beneficial to furthering your nursing career in Orlando.

If you are looking for a nursing position, please develop a MedCom profile and start job searching at HealthCareerWeb.com. It is great not only for the extensive amount of healthcare jobs and careers, but also for its resources for job seekers and the ability to connect with employers.

-Greg Rollett


HollerBack May 23, 2008 at 10:53 PM  

I am currently in a job that is threatened by the declining economy and have considered going back to school to get an educatiion that will allow me to get a job in a recession proof industry. In the state of the economy and living in Florida, this screams healthcare! I have checked out healthcareerweb.com and am intrigued. As a college graduate, I am concerned about the cash outlay of going back to school, much less the time restraints of working full time and going to school. But I think overall, it will definitely be worth the career change. The health care industry will never stop growing in demand for qualified workers, especially with the aging baby boomers. My only concern is that there may be so many others like me that are going back to school to get certified in nursing or health care degrees that there will be too many of us in the market. [UPDATE] Never mind, just did a search online, there so may jobs posted in the health care industry that I'm not worried. Definitely going to get my certification! Thanks to the Orlando Jobspot blogger dude for helping me make up my mind.

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