Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Looking for Health Care Jobs Orlando? The Healthcare Virtual Job Fair is Coming!

Looking to put life back into your Health Care career? HealthCareerWeb is geared up to bring you a Virtual Job Fair that will host the best healthcare opportunities from all of Florida and Georgia!

With this Virtual Job Fair, you will be able to browse through employers that are looking to hire new and experienced nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Assistants, Office and Administrative work, Physicians, Health Care specialists and more. Along with the employers, there will be a special section for those that are wishing to get into a Medical career, which will include videos from schools that offer training, courses and certification for all types of Health Care professions.

The job fair will take place, right here, on Health Career Web from August 25th to September 23rd. To be notified when the Health Care Virtual Job Fair goes live, please send an email request to greg.rollett@employmentguide.com.

This is an amazing opportunity for individuals that are looking to relocate to Florida or Georgia from around the country as well as for those job seekers right here in our backyard who just need a change of scenery, or are looking for a career growth opportunity.

While you are awaiting the Virtual Job Fair to launch, be sure to make a profile on the number 1 Social Network for Health Care professionals, MedCom. Start networking with other job seekers, companies and Health Care Professionals who are wearing the shoes that you wish to wear.

Happy hunting! and see you on the 25th!

-Greg Rollett

(p.s. be sure to stop by at all of the Job Spots throughout Florida and Georgia to get the latest information on the Virtual Job Fair as well as Health Care Career related information leading up to the event. Tampa, South Florida and Atlanta are the places to stop by!)


Paige May 29, 2008 at 6:53 AM  

I was looking on healthcareerweb.com and must say I was impressed with the site and some of the jobs on there. I am currently employed but looking for career advancement...I am excited to see what companies and what positions are available with the Virtual Job Fair. Is there anything else that a jobseeker needs to be successful at this event besides returning back to the site on the 23rd?

Greg Rollett May 29, 2008 at 7:08 AM  

@Paige - Glad you liked the site. To prepare for the Virtual Job Fair and actually in the meantime I would suggest creating a profile and MedCom and starting to network with people in the community. You never know when a good opportunity will come knocking from a friend or acquaintence.

Looking forward to helping you advance your career! And if you current employer is hiring, please let us know and we can get you guys on HCW as well!! :)

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