Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Reader Reply: Applying Online Just Isn't the Same

Yesterday I talked about the rising gas prices and how that is affecting the way people are looking for jobs. I received a few e-mails yesterday stating that this was true and they are doing much of their homework online.

One reader had a great point, one that rings a bell with a lot of job seekers.

when you fill something out on line you feel that you don't get the same treatment as if you went in person to fill out the application. Sometimes there are no responses back of what is taking place.

When filling out applications online you are never really sure if a hiring manager will read your application, skim your resume or even receive your response. Due to the ease of applying online and the wonders of the copy / paste function, you can apply to more jobs in a relatively short period of time. This may seem like a great concept. However, if every job seeker can do the same thing, it becomes taxing on the recruiters who have to look at hundreds of resumes from job seekers who are applying to anything and everything they see on a job board.

Most times, you don't even get a follow-up email or call. There is just silence.

The most dangerous thing about this type of non-interaction is that you do not know why you didn't get the call.
Was it your resume?
Your work history?
A reference?
Your e-mail address?
While the rising gas prices may be forcing you to job shop inside, remember to pay attention to details, apply by the company's rules and cater to their job.

Your cover letter should be company specific. Your objective should NOT be general. Tell the employer WHAT you are looking to do or give a brief sentence on who you are. No one likes auto-responses, they love personalization. The little things and the details will pay off more often than mass applying.

Job hunting online is not the same as filling in an application in person. Your job is to make it as personal as possible and to stand out from the crowd, while playing by the rules and then following up after you apply.

Question of the day! What do you NOT like about Online Job Applications?

-Greg Rollett

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Jody F. May 13, 2008 at 4:23 AM  

Thanks for the insight...I have been getting very frustrated during my job hunt. I never hear back, not even with an auto response saying we received your resume. It is difficult not to know why you are not being considered for the job, sometimes I feel like employers are just putting jobs online in order to build up their own databases not to actually hire you for a position. Anyway, I am going to try some of your tips and I'll let you know how it all works out!

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