Friday, June 20, 2008

Breaking Up Your Resume

When giving any type of job hunting advice or when you are searching for a new job, the first thing that always come up is the resume. There is advice everywhere and from everyone. Yet for how many tips and helpful arenas there are, companies and employers still get resumes that are not up to standard.

Do you know what happens when your resume is not up to an employer's standard?

Yup, they get deleted or are used as the prop in Office Olympics.

Office Olympics and Basketball
Today's tip comes courtesy of a few resumes that we have received for inclusion on our resume CD that we give to employers at our job fairs. (You can submit yours to to be included for our July 29th Diversity Job Fair)

Break Up Your Resume:
What we mean by this is give the reader your credentials in chunks. Make it easy to skim and easy on the eyes. All recruiters are looking for certain credentials when they are looking to hire someone for a position. Sometimes this is your education, sometimes past work experiences, your objectives or writing skills and so on. By breaking these sections out, recruiters can easily find what they are looking for.

Break Up Each Section Internally:
Within each section; education, work experience, etc, be sure to:

  • use bullet points
  • highlight key features
  • and make your exceptional traits pop out of the page
Remember the reader:
The ultimate goal of your resume is to get your physical self into an interview chair. You do this by having the person in charge of looking at your resume stop, read your credentials and pick up the phone or open their email to reach out and contact you. The quicker they can find the relative information, the quicker they can reach out to you.

Remember to customize:
Having multiple sections saved for different types of positions is another great way to be prepared for any job opening that interests you. I would recommend on having different resumes for all the industries that you feel that you can work in. Giving the employer relevant information is another key to them contacting you quicker. Implementing a drag-and-drop resume system of your own allows you to customize your resume to the job you are applying for and will make a difference in the recruiter's eyes.

Hope these tips were helpful. As always, please leave feedback, additional tips, questions and more in the comments. It's quick, easy and free! To get all future articles of the Orlando JobSpot, look on the right side of this page and sign-up to receive FREE updates to your email or by RSS reader. We appreciate the support of the Orlando community and look forward to helping you get the positions that can make a difference in your life.

-Greg Rollett
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