Friday, July 25, 2008

Orlando Job Fair Preparation

A job fair can be overwhelming.

There are plenty of factors that can make or break your success at one of these events. If you are planning on attending the Employment Guide's Summer Diversity Job Fair on Tuesday, July 29th, here are some little tips to get you ready to find a new job.

Before the Event:

  • Polish your resume. Have it done in advance and have your friends and family look it over for typos, spelling errors and improvements. Make sure your objective states what you want to accomplish with a new position.
  • Find a professional outfit, but also one that is comfortable. You will be walking, standing, sitting, traveling and who knows what else over the course of a few hours. Make sure that you look professional, but feel comfortable.
  • Research the companies. We have an up to date list online at the Employment Guide and also have made the list available for your cell phone. See what companies will be there and start making a plan of attack.
  • Miscellaneous Supplies. Pens, scrap paper, business cards (if you have them) and other supplies that you may need at the job fair.
At the event:
  • Attitude. Remain positive. While you may feel that there are hundreds of people at the event, so do the employers and their time is valuable. Make sure that you are upbeat and optimistic and the employers will give you more of their time.
  • First impression. Be strong, confident and have a firm handshake. Make the recruiter remember you.
  • Fill out and turn in applications at the event. Do whatever you can to get the employer to commit to giving you an interview or taking the time to evaluate you before you leave. They are going to see plenty of faces again, so be sure that once they drive away, you have something secure with them.
  • Ask questions. Play the 6 year old kid card and get the information you need from the employer. The only "stupid" question is the one that doesn't get asked.
After the event:
  • Follow up. Whether it is by email, a phone call or in person, be sure to stay in touch with the hiring manager.
  • Keep that positive attitude.
  • Continue researching and looking if things do not go your way. There are plenty of avenues to get a job these days and a job fair is just one of them. Turn to your network of friends and family, look online to job boards, and attend additional physical and virtual job fairs.
I look forward to meeting more of my readers at the event on Tuesday. Be sure to say hello to the "guy in the green shirt" and I'll be sure to point you int he right direction. Have a great weekend and happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


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