Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 Ways to Track Your Online Reputation

With more and more employers checking out your digital life before making a hiring decision, you should at least know what is out there, right? Below is a list of 6 ways that can help you see what is on the web and then create an action plan to either begin removing non "grandma friendly" material or beginning to put up career related posts, sites and pages if good old Google doesn't even know who you are. Enjoy.

Google - The big cahuna in web search. The first thing you should do is perform a Google search on yourself and see what the company that owns the web knows about you. This is a free tool.

Google Blog Search - This is a great tool to keep up to date on any topic as it is mentioned across the blogosphere. This is a free tool.

Google Alerts - Set one of these bad boys up for your name, your company or any other search term and Google will send you an email anytime they index a new page that features that search phrase. This is a free tool.

Spokeo - what HR professionals use to perform checks across a magnitude of Social Networks, Blogging platforms and photo sharing sites. This is a free and paid tool.

WhoZat - is a people search engine and will bring back results for a person's name across Social Networks like Facebook and Myspace, any videos from YouTube and more as well as all associated web pages. This is a free tool.

Wink - Another people search engine. You never know where a provocative picture or article can show up, or can you?

Good luck Orlando in finding out about yourself on the web. If you don't like what you see, consider adding some more social networks that have great content on them or try blogging. Adding pages with great successes and content may often outweigh the bad or grey areas in a search.

Happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


The Employment Guide August 21, 2008 at 7:16 AM  

Nice! I had never heard of some of these sites. Thanks for the resource.

- Rosie Reilman

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