Thursday, August 21, 2008

Where to Find the Orlando JobSpot

We have been doing some growing in the past few months and the Orlando JobSpot has taken a life of its own, in helping people in the Central Florida during their job search. Whether you are stopping by from a link on, have us bookmarked or subscribe to our RSS Feed, I want to say thank you to all of the readers and the local community.

We realize that the Central Florida community spans many people, from different nationalities and backgrounds to different skill sets and technological backgrounds. Knowing this, I wanted to make the "Orlando JobSpot Experience" as easy and in your backyard as possible.

So, if you want to connect with the Orlando JobSpot, visit us at one of our convenient locations below:

The Blog - Yes, you are indeed reading a blog. It's written by me, Greg Rollett, the Internet Marketing guy at the Orlando Employment Guide. I try to update a few times a week and deliver tips on resumes, job fairs, local events and news and other things that relate to the job hunt.

Subscriptions - I would love for everyone to come back to the site everyday, however, I know that you all are busy looking for jobs are taking part in your life to see when we update. To make the process easier, look up on the right side of this page and subscribe. There are 2 options, an RSS Reader Subscription (a feed reader like Google Reader is needed) or via e-mail. Sign-up today!

Mobile - I live on my cell phone. The more information I can get on the go the better. Hopefully this site gets you the information you need quickly. As of now we are keeping it super simple with Job Fair updates and the posts from this here page. If there is something else that you would like to see on the mobile site, just let me know! Getting the site on your phone is even easier with the widget on the right side of this page. Enter your phone number and the link will be texted to you.
Twitter - We are using the microblogging service to keep you updated on new job postings, events and happenings within the Employment Guide world. Start following us at today! What are you doing?

JobSpot TV - We have been talking and talking about it and finally we are live with Orlando JobSpot TV. We will be highlighting local non-profits, events and companies and generating advice straight from the recruiter. We chose to use Viddler to host our video because they let you leave comments in the video. Check it out today!

Facebook - For those on Facebook, we have a JobSpot page and group. Read up on events and add them to your calendar.

In the paper - Yes, the JobSpot is in the paper. Check out Page 5 of the Orlando Employment Guide and see a new featured article every week. This is part of our Central Florida Community Guide.

I think that sums it up. Once again, thanks Orlando for making us your number one resource during the job hunt. Remember to keep leaving comments and joining in on the conversation. Let's grow our community together!

-Greg Rollett


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