Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 Essentials for the Orlando Job Fair

It's job fair time in Orlando once again. Tuesday, September 23rd the Orlando Employment Guide along with the AARP will be out at the Florida Mall on the corner of Sand Lake and Orange Blossom Trail with around 40 companies and education centers that are looking to hire from our local community. For a full list of the companies, please click here.

I always write about how to prepare and having a great attitude and many other helpful tips. The archives are full of them. For today, I wanted to go over 5 essentials that you need to have with or on you at the Orlando Job Fair.

1. Resume.

This is an essential. Make sure it is current and relevant to the position that you are looking for. You can also send a copy to and have your resume placed on our Job Fair CD that goes to all of the employers in attendance.

2. Folder.

Talking to upwards of 40 booths means you will be collecting a lot of papers, applications, brochures and other items. Do your best to keep them organized. This also shows an organization that you are neat and organized in your work, plus you won't have a mess to pull out of your pocket on Tuesday afternoon.

3. Pens.

Be ready to fill out applications live at the event. Bringing your own pen is a plus and shows that you are prepared for any situation.

4. Research.

Look at the companies that are attending. See which ones fit your likes and strengths. This is my biggest tip there is, you have been shown the goods, now its up to you to find a match.

5. Smile.

It's easy to get down with the economy and gas prices and everything else going on in the world. Employers want employees who are going to bring a positive light into their organization. Plus it doesn't cost you anything.

See you Tuesday Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


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