Thursday, September 4, 2008

Creating Gen-Y Magic

Gen-Y Leadership
Being young and in charge is no easy feat. Those that are able to balance their career at such a young age often have an eagerless to learn and help others. Lee Cockerell, a recently retired Exec. VP of Operations at Walt Disney World Resorts, has launched a new site that is all about encouraging Gen-Y to become leaders and showcase those that show excellence in leadership. 

Creating Gen-Y Magic is looking for more young leaders to share their story and embrace the fact that this large group of individuals is making a change in the way corporate America is doing business. 

There are many pesimists when it comes to Gen-Y in the workplace. From the helicopter parents to flex time to dress code, Millennials are a different breed. Yet for the optimists, like Lee and the Creating Magic Team, they see Gen-Y as offering a fresh outlook on their career, one in which they control their own destiny, not a clock or technological boundaries. 

Currently the Gen-Y Magic Team is looking for stories and individuals that:
  • Have created Magic in their own life, whether starting their own company, overcoming a major obstable, etc
  • Young philantropists and nonprofit advocates
  • Exceptional customer service stories
If you are a young professional or getting ready to enter the workforce for the first time, go check out Creating Gen-Y Magic, and look into Lee Cockerell's new book, Creating Magic. It may be the tool and website that helps you get to the next level in your career! 

(Lee is giving away the 1st chapter of Creating Magic for free - click here to get it now!)

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