Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Orlando Remembers 9/11

Orlando Remember 9/11
Tomorrow marks the 7th unfortunate anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. With our country in the middle of a heated presidential campaign and the economy in a shaky situation, coming together to remember the American spirit helps us all gather the hope and spirit of those heroes that were lost on that day. All across Orlando and Central Florida, there will be Memorials and Remembrance Ceremonies to honor the 2,977 individuals who were lost on this tragically historic day. If you are interested in partaking in one of these events, the schedule and locations are listed below.

Rollins College and City of Winter Park - Rollins College will host a memorial dedication ceremony on Thursday at 10:45am at the front of the Warren Administration Building

City of Kissimmee – Both the Kissimmee Police and Fire Departments will remember those in the 9/11 attacks at the Kissimmee City Hall Court Yard at 8:30am.

University of Central Florida – UCF student veterans will be at the Reflection Pond at the 8:46 time frame for a memorial and moment of silence.

Orange City – The Orange City Fire Station will hold a 9/11 tribute that will be followed by Town Hall. The tribute begins at 8:46am, the time that the N. Tower was hit.

Marion County – the VWF Retirement Homes 2nd Annual Marrion County Special Tribute to Our First Responders will also be on Thursday at 7pm.

Our General Sales Manager, Patrick O’Brien wrote in the Central Florida Community Guide this week that:

It is hard to imagine that we are now approaching the 7th anniversary of the events on 9/11. To me the images still seem so painfully vivid. While the memories will always remain, we need to also ensure that the American Spirit continues to thrive as well.

Orlando, if you have a 9/11 story that you would like to share, we will be more than happy to publish it tomorrow on the Orlando JobSpot. Please send the story to

If anyone knows any other events happening around Central Florida, please leave them in the comments and we will update this post accordingly. God Bless America!

-Greg Rollett


Jimmy I. September 10, 2008 at 3:15 PM  

My friend used to work in the city. she had a family friend who was starting his first day of work at his first "real" job and had just moved to the city 3 days prior. He wanted to see the World Trade Center, so she woke up early gave him the obligatory tour of the towers and then pointed him on his way to his new job. She caught the last train out of the World Trade Center as the first tower was hit and then was unable to get in touch with her family friend for 3 days. She was alright, and later came to find that her friend who knew no one in the city met a couple as they were running away from the destruction and stayed with them for 3 days until he could get in touch with his family. I think that was an amazing story about how people came together around the tragedy.

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