Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 Ways to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week | October 6th-10thThis week, October 4th - 10th is National Customer Service Week! Started by George Bush in 1992, it is a weekly celebration of companies recognizing their team members and appreciating all that they do for their business. Below are 10 can’t-miss ideas that can be incorporated into every celebration per CSWeek.com, a site dedicated to celebrating this week year round!

  1. Create the right atmosphere. Grab posters, banners, balloons and more to kick off the festivities.
  2. Host a party. Nothing gets morale boosted quite like a company party.
  3. Coordinate your materials. Use customer service week's official colors (orange and green) and get your office in line!
  4. Be your own horn. Let your employees know how great a job they are doing and announce it everywhere. Don't be afraid to celebrate.
  5. Acknowledge other departments. Get everyone involved to show your appreciation of their hard work in getting the overall team jobs done.
  6. Build activities around the theme. Get your team stronger and better prepared with simple team building exercises focused on customer service.
  7. Hone service skills. Practice makes perfect.
  8. Thank your customers. Offer refreshments in store, or send out thank you discount cards. Get your customers involved with the excitement that your office is creating.
  9. Reduce stress. Ask reps to share ideas for reducing stress, review deep-breathing techniques and provide hands-on tools to recharge and refresh
  10. Have fun. Games and contests of all kinds are great for relieving stress and building teamwork. Plan an activity for each day and be sure to award prizes to everyone.
The Employment Guide is ready to celebrate, heck this week even shares our same colors! WiserWroker is on board too! How are you going to get in on the action that is Customer Service Week?

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So Orlando, how do you give great service? Please share in the comments.

-Greg Rollett


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