Monday, October 27, 2008

Orlando Recruitment Economics

Last Friday, October 24th, Patrick O'Brien took the stage at the National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Diversity Job Fair Awards Luncheon to speak about Recruitment Economics. Patrick hit on points ranging from putting faces to top tier employees to finding out the characteristics that make them excel to recruiting in a recession. Below is the video from his talk:

The talk gives a lot of points and highlights some great themes and concepts that can help any business that takes the next step and applies them.

It also show job seekers how to excel and show companies that they are the person they need to hire right now! With the economy still slow to recover, it is a risk every time a company brings in a new team member. You need to give them every reason to gamble on you.

Other highlights of the event included:
  • Massey Services being names Diversity Employer of the YearMassey Services at National Hispanic Corporate Achievers Diversity Job Fair
  • A Job Fair that brought over over 500 diverse job candidates
  • Talent Management Practices by Mario Delanoy
If you a company having a tough time in these current economic times, please send us an email at and we will be happy to help you construct a plan to get you back on the path to growth and success here in Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


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