Friday, October 10, 2008

Recruiting 2.0 At Create Chaos

Create Chaos is coming to Orlando October 13-17Next week a monstrosity is coming to Orlando in the form of Create Chaos, a week long, 10 show creative cesspool that will overtake the Orlando World Center from October 13-17th.

I have the pleasure of giving a great talk on Recruiting 2.0 and using internet tools to help your job hunt. During the hour session, we will hit on personal branding, online footprints, blogging and the future of job boards and recruiters. This little session is going down Tuesday, October 14th at 2:30 at the Expo Hall.

Other sessions of note are:
Creating Magic | Leadership BookLee Cockerell, retired EVP at Walt Disney World will be talking about leadership and creativity on Tuesday, October 14th at 9am. Tuesday is also the day that Lee's first book, Creating Magic, is being released from Doubleday Publishing. Go get a copy today!

doterati' s "Juggling Creativity and Business" is a free panel spotlighting localdoterati | Central Florida Interactive Marketing, Design and Development Assosication business leaders like Ted Murphy from IZEA and Sterling Raphael from NFi Studios tlaking about how they kick started their businesses and brought their visions to life. doterati is Orlando's newest association for interactive marketers, designers and developers and they would love to meet you.

Anthony Richardson will be chatting on "Have A Say in What's Being Said" on Wednesday, October 15th. This will be a great chance to learn about brand reputation and also with your personal brand.

Head on over to now and get yourself involved. It is a can't miss week. Be on the look out for some JobSpot TV videos and interviews next week and a complete wrap-up of all the action.

Have a great weekend and happy hunting Orlando!


Anthony Richardson October 11, 2008 at 8:43 AM  

Thanks for the mention here. It should be a great event.

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