Thursday, November 6, 2008

Orlando Puppet Festival Begins Tomorrow

This week in the calendar section of the Employment Guide paper I mentioned an event that I had never heard of before but thought it would draw some excitement into our readers and job seekers. The event was the Orlando Puppet Festival.

Today when I popped into work I had an email saying that the crew had a Twitter account and they were following me! Very exciting indeed. I wanted to point out a few things from the festival that may be fun for the readers of the Orlando JobSpot as they make their weekend plans.

The 4th annual Orlando Puppet Festival kicks off tomorrow night, November 7th at Avaolon Island off Magnolia in Downtown Orlando. It starts at 6pm and you can only imagine what a bunch of puppets are doing to celebrate their festival!

The event rolls through the weekend at Mad Cow Theatre, the Gallery at Avalon Island, the Orange County Regional History Center, CityArts Factory and The Breakfast Club. Check out the schedule here.

You can find tickets here for most of the events. If anyone ventures out, please share some photos, videos and stories, we'd love to see it and share it.

Even with unemployment at a high in the Central Florida community, there is always a time for laughter and a chance to beat the stress with family and friends. And honestly, who can say no to puppets!

-Greg Rollett


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