Friday, November 7, 2008

Stand Up For Orlando

Network for Social Change and Volunteerism in Orlando
A few weeks ago we started a section in our paper called the Central Florida Community Guide. In it we feature a local nonprofit group that is helping to make a difference in our community. We also have a weekly events calendar and a short excerpt from this here ol' blog.

(All of the articles are archived here and include the American Lung Association, Epic Change, H.O.M.E. and more)

Well, we wanted to take that to the next step. We want to start seeing you and what you do for the community. There are so many organizations, volunteers, students, associations and everyday citizens who do so much for us that we wanted to highlight them and give them a place to SHOUT OUT about their programs, their events, gather more volunteers and help spread even more goodwill.

Social change has been a big topic for the younger generation. This group has really come together to stand up for the issues that matter to them. From homelessness, to the environment, to helping women and families to education and beyond, cool people are caring and making a difference.

Giving you the voice and the opportunity to get people involved and excited is an opportunity that we are excited to offer.

The Central Florida Community Guide site is a Social Network build with Ning, a free tool to connect people online. Anyone is free to create a profile, create and join a group, write blog posts, post videos and photos and connect with others that share similiar interests and that may be able to help your organization.

Join today and stand up for Orlando and the Central Florida Community. Join groups like Rock For Hunger, Strut-N-Rut and the Business Womens' Inspiration Network who have taken the steps to show you about their organizations in the hope that you will create change!

See you at the Community Guide!

-Greg Rollett


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