Wednesday, December 24, 2008

5 Recruiting Takeaways from 2008

Sun Rising on 20092008 will go down in history as a few different things. From Barack Obama taking the world by storm and becoming President of the United States to President Bush and the bailout plan to financial and employment crisis, it has been a wild ride. We have learned a lot in the past 365 days, and hopefully what we learned will help us succeed in the coming year. For job seekers there have been quite a few developments over the year that will make a difference in how they find jobs and new careers in the future. Below I have detailed my top 5 from what I have seen at job fairs, online, in job postings and over conversations on recruiting blogs and from job seekers themselves.

  1. Trend towards online job seeking. This did not happen overnight, but gradually more and more employers are finding it more efficient to advertise their positions online verses in a print publication, a newspaper or other physical forms of getting the word out. What this means to our job seekers is creating an effective job site that allows you to find the jobs you are looking for by optimizing our job postings so that jobs are not lost when you are searching for them.
  2. Job Fairs are changing. When I first came into the Employment Guide job fairs were a great place to get in front of companies, create a great first impression and land an interview or hire on the spot. Now many companies have begun passing out flyers to go to their website to apply and it has taken the focus away from personal interaction. For job seekers this means you need to work harder to make a recruiter remember you. Job fairs are still one of the most effective ways of meeting hiring companies, your approach just needs to fit the response method they desire. We will have more on this in upcoming posts on the JobSpot as we gear up for our January Job Fair on January 19th at the Florida Mall and Conference Center.
  3. Social Media is picking up. Where you once only had to worry about Myspace and maybe Facebook, we have seen an increase of job seekers creating strong personal brands through blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites and putting them into a position where recruiters are seeking them out. Please see these related articles for more information: Can you be LinkedIn to a New Job?, Proactive Job Search, Tracking Your Online Reputation
  4. The economy is not helping the job market. With record job losses coming into the holiday season, the start of 2009 does not look promising for a quick turnaround. Companies are still hiring and people are still moving around from company to company. Your number one objective should be to be one step ahead of your competition. Make sure your resume is updated, your cover letters are personal and not generic, make strong objective statements and be sure to follow up accordingly.
  5. Niche job sites are popping up everywhere. With the trend of employers looking to the internet to advertise their open positions, new job boards with a specific industry focus have sprung up to help job seekers in these industries break through the clutter and get the jobs, information and resources they need to take their career to the next level. Here at the Employment Guide, we have created leading niche job boards for hourly work, healthcare and the transportation industry. Expect more of these sites in the coming year to make your job search more personal.

These are just 5 trends that I have seen over the last year. I'd love to hear from you and see what you feel has impacted your job search in 2008. It will only help us better serve you in 2009 and move into this economic climate with a step above in helping you reach your goals.

Have a safe and happy holiday season from everyone at the Employment Guide and the Orlando JobSpot.

-Greg Rollett


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