Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Using the Social Web to Find Work

Chris Brogan free eBook Using the Social Web to Find WorkOne of my favorite Social Media evangelists, Chris Brogan, has just released a free eBook for people looking for work in the new year entitled, "Using the Social Web to Find Work." Chris is best known for his contributions to online conversations, helping businesses build relationships and create a way to communicate with people who might like their products. He does this by introducing online tools to facilitate the conversations.

In this free eBook, Chris hits on some points that we have covered here including the power of LinkedIn, building a network that works with you and operates as a 2-way channel and also building your personal brand through blogging and other social tools.

I like how towards the end of 'Using the Social Web to Find Work,' Chris gives you some sites that operate as a 'Bonus Round' and include photo sharing community Flickr, social aggregator Friend Feed and UpComing.org for local events among others.

It's a great, short read and very powerful for people looking to jump into using the social web to assist them in looking for a great position in '09.

Download the eBook here!

And don't forget to add Chris to your RSS Reader today and start building relationships with influential bloggers and industry movers and shakers today!

-Greg Rollett


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