Friday, January 2, 2009

Update Your Life

Update your resumeWith the New Year comes new promise, dreams and opportunities. It is also a time to take what you have learned, accomplished and grown into and put that into your professional life. Take some time in the start of the new year to update your profiles to match your current lifestyle and work accomplishments. Take this approach to your resume, your social networks, your references, reach out to contacts that you made in the past year and see how they have helped you develop.

Here is a quick checklist of things that may need updating in your life, your profiles and for your job search:


  • Objective - make it more direct and personal. Have you changed industries? Can you increase your visibility by brightening this statement up?
  • Education - did you take any classes or courses in which you learned something relevant to your career. Are your high school classes and accomplishments still relevant?
  • Skill sets and other section of your resume - have you volunteered at an organization, led an event, raised money, tutored or helped someone. There are plenty of areas that can be relevant to th position you are looking for.
Online profiles
  • Check Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace or others to see if you need to update your pictures, your bio and description. Is the image you are portraying online, the image you want the public to see?

References and recommendations
  • Are your references out of date? If so, find the people in your network that can make you look better brighter and on the winning path to join an organization.
  • Have you done any freelance work? Get testimonials and recommendations for your work to showcase your abilities and hard work.

What else can you update in your life to make '09 successful for your career? Let us know how you updated and how it is affecting you in the comments - we wold love to hear from you.

-Greg Rollett


Anonymous January 6, 2009 at 4:11 AM  

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