Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking for a Job is a Full Time Job

Searching for a job is a full time job(Photo by JulyYu)

Over the course of nearly 2 years we have chatted about strategies, tips and tactics to finding jobs in the Orlando market. From job fairs to interviewing to personal branding to networking, volunteering, searching for jobs online, offline and everything else that comes with the turbulent times of looking for your next career, job or lifestyle opportunity.

The one mistake I see time and time again is that you are not working on your job hunt and personal branding like it is a full time job. When you are at a desk from 9-5 you get a great deal of things done. Why don't you treat your job search the same way?

Schedule your day
One of the best tips I can give you is to set times for specific activities throughout your day. Recruiters are usually easier to get a hold of in the morning so I would plan for phone calls from 8am - 10am. Take the mid day to search for job openings on job boards, in classifieds, papers, etc and create a lead list of job possibilities. Lastly, use the afternoon to build your personal brand, network and research the companies and the people that work there.

Set specific goals
With your schedule, set specific achievable goals that you hold yourself to. Make 5 calls to recruiters. Find 6 jobs that I would like to learn more about. Write 1 blog post. Friend 5 people on LinkedIn. Reply to 5 posts and start a conversation with the authors. Whatever the case may be, set clear goals and achieve them everyday.

Take the weekends off
If you are training yourself to work the job hunt like a job, then you also need time to refresh, reload and relax with your family. If you like to work on the weekends, then take Monday or a day in the middle of the week off. As important as it is to find your next job and get a consistent paycheck, your mind can only handle so much.

Create systems and relationships to manage your work day
Using things like RSS Readers, task managers like Remember the Milk and Google Calendar and leveraging networks like LinkedIn make your day easier to manage. Having one or 2 places to log in where you can perform many tasks and keep yourself organized will not only help you in your job hunt but also when you land the job you will be better equipped to manage your work load and perform at a higher standard.

Here's to your new job, the job of looking for a job. There are opportunities out there Orlando, it is up to you to find them and be prepared to jump on them when they do open up.

Happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


samuel March 18, 2009 at 1:27 PM  

Very nice post dear, I agree with your opinion that the job searching is too the full time job. If we search job without planing so we can't achieve it.
Samuel Peterson from Job Listing

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