Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Branding Buzzword Talk for Job Seekers

BarCamp Miami 2009
The last few days I have been in Miami attending BarCampMiami and Future of Web Apps. While most of the 3 days focused on emerging technologies and how the web is enabling people to find information and communicate with others in ways that are beyond our imagination.

One thing that kept popping up was branding. Whether it be personal branding, company branding or empowering your employees to help build a brand, it was a theme that no one could escape. I know that we have been harping on personal brands for the past few weeks here on the Orlando JobSpot, but the importance should be on the top of your to-do list.

One of the key branding presentations turned into standing room only as Jay Berkowitz gave his 10 Rules to Personal Branding chat. Jay has worked on the brand management side of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Sprint and and can talk about branding from a large corporate standpoint down to that of individuals looking for a leg up in the job hunting process.

Here is a link to his 10 Rules of Personal Branding.

The other big branding presentation was from Alex Hunter, Head of Internet Marketing for Virgin. His talk focused on the shift in advertising and the conversation flow of corporations and the consumer. Brands are activley shifting from corporate advertising to crowd sourced and consumer driven marketing. Virgin is making their shift towards this movement by redesigning their site to be controlled by what the people are saying. From videos, to blog posts to other tools online - they are giving power back to the consumer.

Look for more instances of branding - both personal and corporate to come out this year, as many people and companies need to make a shift and show their true colors to stand out from their competition.

Happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett


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