Thursday, June 18, 2009

Companies Using Twitter To Hire You!

Using Twitter For Finding Jobs
On Friday we took a look at top recruitment professionals on Twitter, from services to communities to coaches. Today we are taking a look at some companies who use Twitter to post jobs form their Twitter account. Being consistent in following these companies may open up an opportunity for you to apply to an open position before the job becomes advertised online, in the paper or another outlet.

If you know of other companies using Twitter to promote their open positions, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list. Hopefully we can make this a powerful resource for those looking for employment to talk directly to companies through this powerful medium.

Dominion Enterprises
- Corporate recruiting headquarters for Employment Guide, For Rent,, Boat Trader and more!
AT&T - Jobs from the telecommunications giant
Burger King - Jobs with Burger King corporate, not individual franchises
Hyatt Hotels - find a job with this hospitality company
Keller Williams - Job positions for real estate agents and others such as secretaries and office managers
Kroger Grocery Stores - Their account says they are hiring in all locations across the country!
MTV Networks - Who wouldn't want to work for MTV?
UPS - What can brown do for your career?
Verizon - Careers for everything you are (or so says their Twitter bio)
Marriott International - Not an official jobs Twitter account but a good way to start building communications with the hotel giant
Whole Foods - again not specific to jobs, but they are very active on Twitter and this can a great learning and building block
CarMax - Chris Wilmore from CarFax talks about things related to their world. He can probably point you in the right direction.
Nordstrom - I guess its okay to find great deals while looking for a job with this fashion leader
Southwest and JetBlue - These 2 airlines are some of the most conversational accounts on Twitter. Start building relationships with them and see where it can lead you in your job search!

Again, not all of the above accounts are for jobs, but the job seeking process is about more than knowing the open positions. Building relationships with "people" that work for companies is an invaluable asset to sculting the career you are longing for. Reach out and talk to a new person or company everyday on Twitter. You never know where your network will lead you!

Happy hunting Orlando!

-Greg Rollett

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